Email to Client for New Business

How to Write an Email to Client for New Business Opportunity? (With Samples)

Trying to find a new business opportunity online? Here is the ultimate guide to writing an email to a client for a new business with sample emails.

Have you ever tried and failed to send an email to a prospective client for a new business? Or do you intend to send a sales email like that? Then you have come to the right place. This guide will show you what we should consider when writing an email to a prospective client for a new business and the major mistakes we make when writing such an email.

At the end of this article, you will be able to create your own cold email message and get the additional bonus email samples too. So, let’s dig in.

Does Writing An Email To A Client For A New Business Is Still Valid Nowadays?

Sales acumen is the most important thing to have successful communication when it comes to sales prospecting. The salesperson needs all behavioral, cognitive, and affective communication components to have sales acumen and succeed in selling.

When it comes to effective communication components, email communication plays doing a significant role. Here are two facts you need to know that sending cold contact emails is still useful nowadays:

01. Email Usage Is Still On The Rise

According to Statista, the average count of email users worldwide will increase from 3.7 billion to 4.4 billion between 2017 and 2024. And studies show that email is 40x more effective than Facebook or Twitter in acquiring new customers.

02. Tycoons And Business Administrators Are Still More Interested In Email

The article published in CNBC shows that some of the world’s leading millennials spend more hours on their email each day than any other generation surveyed. Studies show that 86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes.

59% of B2B marketers say that email is their most effective channel for revenue generation. So, it is clear from the above numbers that email communication is not something we can ignore in sales prospecting.

What Are The Things You Need To Consider When You Are Writing An Email To A Client For A New Business

Email to Client for New Business
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01. Follow Email Etiquette

The basic is to follow proper email etiquette. That way, your email will be more accurate, flawless, and you will feel more confident about yourself.

02. Understand The Buyer

Understand where the prospective buyer is on your way to finding your new Business. Pretending to be a seller is futile if your prospective buyer has not yet decided to buy a solution to their problem.

By managing opportunities like these, you display your skill at CRM (Customer Relationship Management) as a marketer.

03. Address The Potential Buyers’ Issues

Try to demonstrate the buyer’s role first in you, asking why should I involve in this Business. Because no one likes to read sales emails that do not answer their question, try to provide the answer to their problems.

Include the solution for the prospective customer’s issues in your email send to the client for the new business opportunity.

04. Promote Yourself

Prove why you are important. If you feel that no one in the industry is doing as you, feel free to say so. Provide social evidence and examples to prove it.

05. Check Your Inbox

Do a self-study. Go to your inbox and see how sales emails and advertisements you have received. Please select what you like from those emails, study those emails, and use them to build the email sent to the client for your new Business.

06. Personalize Your Email

Personalize your email before sending it to your client. When someone meets you after a long period but remembers your name, don’t you feel happy? Don’t you think it’s more appropriate to address him as “Hey Joan” than “Hey Prospect”?

Use the same psychology here as well. Don’t forget to make it more friendlier when preparing an email to a new business client.

07. Do Follow-Up

Create a sequence. Usually, five sales emails look like the magic number for email marketing. So don’t give up trying by sending only one email. Try to capture your client by sending follow-up emails without overdoing it.

08. Choose Right Time

Choose the right time to send your email to the client for a new Business. According to marketing researches, Tuesday proved to be the best day to send emails, and Monday and Wednesday tied for second-best.

Also, it shows that if you are going to send an email twice a week, Thursday may be the best day to send the second email. Survey data show that the best time to send an email is around 10 am.

What Is The General Layout Of Email To A Client For A New Business?

Email to Client for New Business
What is the general layout of email to a client for a new business

Although sales email is unique from person to person, several key areas should be included in each email. Using them properly can take your email to a more professional level.

Choose Appropriate Subject Line

Begin with the greeting

Maintain email body short but with all aspects

01. Choose Appropriate Subject Line

Your email subject line is the main factor that determines whether or not the recipient will open your sales prospect email. The subject line directly contributes to the CTR (Click-through Rate) of your email.

Studies show that subject lines have a strong influence on open rates of the e-mails, as the consumers often open e-mails based on the subject.

Things To Consider When You Are Preparing Killer Subject Line

  • Try to Ask Question Regarding the Content of Your Email.
  • Careful use of emojis can be beneficial for you. In fair use of emojis in your subject line, the recipient can easily separate your emails inside the inboxes with endless piles of text.

E.g., If there is a travel agency representative who wants to sell honeymoon tour packages and he finds that you are going to marry soon, which subject line are you more likely to check from below two?

Subject line 1 – Malibu Honeymoon Tour Packages

Subject line 2 – ?‍❤️‍? How to Pick a Honeymoon Destination That You’ll Love?

The first subject line looks like a standard promotional email and the second one makes you think about what is in the email. After arousing the person’s curiosity, the person is more likely to open your article.

Are you still not interested in putting a killer subject line in your email to the client for a new business opportunity? Then think again before sending your email.

02. Begin With The Greeting

How do you start an email to a business client? Be sure to start your sales email with the appropriate greeting. When anyone opens an email, the first thing they see is a greeting. So try to personalize your greeting as much as possible, as mentioned earlier in this article.

If you know your recipient’s name, do not be afraid to use it. Use a greeting like “Dear John” to start your email. But if you want a formal greeting, you can also use their family name (e.g., “Dear Mr. Williams”). If you want to keep your email casual, you can even say, “Hey John / Hi John.”

If you do not know the name, it is best to use “Hello,” or “Hi There.” If you are still unclear on greeting an unknown person in email, you can learn how to address an email to an unknown person.

03. Maintain Email Body Short But With All Aspects

Email to Client for New Business
Maintain email body-short but with all aspects

With the advancement of technology, even our daily habits have started to change. The best example of this is the narrowing of the human attention span.

Recent popular studies have revealed that Goldfish have a higher consciousness than Canadians thanks to portable devices.

It is also no secret that people with busy lifestyles are getting used to finding quick solutions to their problems day by day. So try to prepare the email to a client for a new Business with concise but all-detail content.

It saves your time and the recipient’s time, as well as increases the percentage that the recipient will read your sales email in its entirety.

To prepare a concise but comprehensive email, you must first know the essential elements of a sales email body. There are four main sections in a sales email body,

  1. Provide an introduction.
  2. State your purpose.
  3. Use a suitable closing remark.
  4. End with Salutation

01. Provide An introduction

When introducing, be sure to tell who you are honestly and clearly. Having a good understanding of the solution provider is a very positive thing when making a buying decision. So when introducing yourself, be sure to include your name and where you work.

E.g., I hope you are having a wonderful day. I am Rick from Travellytical (Pvt.) Ltd.

02. State Your Purpose

Come to the point without taking too much because your email’s primary purpose is to generate sales. So try to explain the purpose of your email directly after the introduction.

Do not exaggerate unnecessarily in explaining the purpose. If so, the email reader may not get your email’s real purpose because people like to skim things.

03. Use A Suitable Closing Remark

All you have to do now is successfully end your email. Here you can add a few polite final remarks.

Use this section to introduce the recipient to the next action after reading your email. It can also be referred to as the CTA (Call to Action). Choosing the right CTA is a factor that directly affects the response rate of your email to a client for new Business.

You can begin this section by saying, “Thank you for your patience and cooperation,” or “Thank you for your time and consideration,” then use CTA.

You can include “If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let me know” or “I look forward to hearing from you” CTA phrases in your email.

If you are still unclear on the right call to action in the email, you can learn better ways to say,” I Am Looking Forward To Hearing From You.”

04. End With Salutation

Use your name with the appropriate end phrase to end the email you sent to the client for your new business opportunity. The salutation you use is a fact that shows your professionalism.

Use “Kind Regards” or “Best Regards” or “Sincerely” or “Thank You” as a salutation to end your email, then followed up with your name.

Why Are The Sample Emails Vital In Preparing Sales Emails?

The data listed above shows that how efficiently you should handle email communication when finding new business opportunities. Sending an email is an easy task, but getting noticed in someone’s email inbox is challenging day by day.

So, It will be beneficial for you to be aware of sample client emails for new businesses suitable for different occasions. And understanding those sample emails will help you create emails that are unique to you.

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Different Types Of Sample Emails Which Can Use To Send Client For New Business

Hi {Name},


I am {Your Name} from {Company}.


I am here because I want to inform you about some exciting news that we recently launched a new tech magazine that suits you. I think you might like it as a tech lover. We can provide a monthly subscription plan also.


Please let me know if you want to know anything regarding this new magazine, including the subscription offers.



{Your Name}

Dear Mr. Jones,


I hope you are doing well. I am Rick from Travellytical (Pvt.) Ltd. Are you looking for the most reliable and reasonably priced travel package to enjoy your honeymoon, the most precious season of your life?


Travellytical We believe that we can cater to your needs more than your expectations, and our years of experienced service have the ability to make this occasion a memorable one for you two lovebirds.


Click here to see the full honeymoon tour package list on our webpage. If you have any queries, you can reach out to us at any time.


Thank you,



Follow-up Email Samples Which Can Use To Maximize The Response Rate Of The Email To Client for New Business

Address the big fish with no late:


Hi {Name},


A quick email to ask if you had a moment to read my suggestion.




Head Marketer
[email protected]






It’s Dave again. This is just a follow-up email for you. We want to inform you that we are still happy to work with you regarding the previously talked offer.



To remind the recipient of a date:


Hey {Name},


The last time we talked, you wanted me to get back to you around March. Since we are close to the edge of February, this is just a friendly reminder of that concern.



Your sales Dude

Now you can create your own sales email using these sales email templates. You can get more creative than the email examples above. It is better than just copy and pasting templates on the internet.

Things To Consider Before Sending The Sales Prospect Email To A Client For A New Business

It is essential to be aware of GDPR rules and SPAM as you will be sending sales emails to your desired customers.  It is because most people nowadays do not want to receive sales emails to their inbox without permission.

So below is the source I used to learn those facts for your further reading.

International Email Marketing Spam Laws Explained

And the one of most important things is to use an email address with your business name. Using a more generic email address can dramatically reduce the trust of your recipient.

If you are running a small business and you want to create a free email address with your business name on it, please read how to find free small business email hosting.

Final Thoughts

It’s a good habit to do a better study when writing a sales prospect email. If you can create your own unique email using the email templates mentioned above, it might help you in the long run.

If you have a different opinion when sending an email to a new business client, please comment below. It can be beneficial to other readers reading this. Also, if you have any questions about my article, please do so.

An article I wrote earlier may also help you more in email writing. You can read it from the below link..

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