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How To Find Free Small Business Email Hosting – Step By Step Guide

When you are going to start a small business, the first thing coming to your mind is, how to collect the primary resources for your business for free or for the least amount by cost. One of the primary resources for your small business is a professional email address. So, how to find small business email hosting for free?

You can find a small business email hosting service for free from Zoho mail or Yandex for Business. Both companies allow you to create professional email addresses using your company name (Domain name).

Zoho provides a free plan for its users and they allow up to 5 user accounts to add its free plan users. Zoho mainly focuses to provide operating systems for businesses.  And it is a single online platform capable of running your entire business.

On the other hand, Yandex is a well-known Russian based search engine, and they provide a platform for businesses to create and host business email addresses for free.

But also, at the same time, you have to think about the features and trustworthiness of the email hosting providers. Otherwise, you may find difficulties when running your small business. Let’s look into what that means and what you need to know about it.

Why You Need A Business Email Address

Small Business Email Hosting

The primary reason for having a business email address for your business is to provide identification for your business. Although the business email could help your customers to identify, there are many reasons for having a business email for your small business. Consider these before choosing your small business email hosting provider.

Show your professionalism

Most of the popular businesses have email addresses that match their brand name. So, it is good practice to have a business email address for your brand as well because it can improve the professionalism and seriousness of your business.

Build customers’ trust

Developing trust in the customers’ minds is vital at the beginning stage of any business. Customers can easily identify your email if you choose a branded email address for your business. They won’t doubt the sender of the email when they see your branded email addresses. Because more generic email address can lead them to think twice about the sender and the source.

Distribute your brand name

When you send every message from business email address that matches your brand name, it automatically distribute your business name among the people. So, by using the customized email address for your business can unintentionally promote your brand with no extra marketing effort or cost.

Keep away from getting spammed 

Your customers can easily recognize your email address if you use your brand name for the address. But, if you use a more generic email address for your business, some recipients may not recognize your email address. So, some of them can mark your mail address as spam and move to the spam folder.

Access more features

If you use a generic email address, you may have some restrictions from the email service providers. But when you use business email hosting provider for your small business, you will get more features such as Bulk email sending, security from them. And, most of them more optimized their service to handle business accounts.

How To Choose The Best Small Business Email Hosting Provider

You may have to consider several factors when you are going to choose the right email hosting for your small business.

Easy setup

The process to set up business emails should be easy for the customers.

Efficient migration

The business email hosting provider should have the ability to migrate your all data from your previous provider. The hosting provider should have the ability to assure you not to lose any data.

Secure and private

Choose a service that can provide you with more security and privacy in your accounts. Because once you set up your business email address, it may become the most valuable and sensitive asset of your business. So, make sure you protect it very strict manner.

Custom domain setup

The provider should have the feature to set up your domain name for your email address.

Powerful control panel

Choose a service that can provide you with a powerful and easy to navigate control panel in your account.

Cooperation ability and other business tools

The business email hosting provider should have features like a calendar, notes, contact management, etc. to help you collaborate with your internal team. It is better to choose a service which has mainly optimized for business handling.

IMAP/POP3 Settings

Your small business email hosting provider should have IMAP and POP3 settings with their service. Because sometimes you may need to connect to the mail server to read emails through a third-party email client.

Who Is The Best Small Business Email Hosting Provider

Selecting the right small business email hosting provider is depending on your expectations and the requirements. So, please check our below comparison table of business email hosting providers to choose the suitable one for you.

FeaturesG SuiteYahoo Small BusinessYandex For BusinessOffice 365 OutlookZoho Mail
Custom DomainsYesYes YesYesYes
24/7 SupportYes YesYesYesYes 
Spam FilteringYesYesYesYesYes
Price Starts From (One User Account Per Month)$6$3.19$1.74$5$1
Free PlanNoNoYesNoYes 
Unique Recipients Per Day Per User Account3000500300010000300
Recipients (External) Per Message 500100501000Not Mentioned
Sending Attachment Limit25 MB25MB25 MB25 MB25 MB
Desktop AppWindows, macOS, LinuxN/AN/AWindows, macOS, LinuxWindows, macOS, Linux
Mobile AppiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, AndroidiOS, Android
POP3/IMAP SettingsAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable

**Please note that some features may not available with the free plans.

How To Set Up Small Business Email Hosting Using Your Own Domain For Free.

I am not a talented techy person. So, I will leave the job to the experts to guide you to set up your business email accounts. I found the following videos are helpful and those have simple guidelines to set up your email business email address.

Creating a business email With Yandex Using Your Own Domain For Free

Start from here

Creating a business email With Zoho Using Your Own Domain For Free

Start from here

What I am Using For My Business

I am using Zoho mail for my business. Because It has following features under the free plan;

  • 5 user accounts
  • 5 GB storage/user
  • Email attachments up to 25 MB
  • Email hosting for a single domain
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Ad-free platform

Also, they have optimized their platform to serve for businesses. So from small scale to large-scale business are using Zoho mail. And their reputation in the field is very high. Zoho mail has mentioned clearly their commitment to privacy. Further, they provide features such as; Secure Email, Enterprise Hosting, Hassle-Free Migration and Email archival & EDiscovery.

In Zoho mail, the primary requirement to create your business email is a domain of your own. Also, if you don’t have a domain of your own, you can buy a new domain that matches your brand while signing up.

Finding the right small business email hosting provider for you depends on your requirements. So, you can check in forums and get other’s experiences also to choose the right free email hosting for your business.

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