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I Am Looking Forward To Hearing From You: Is This The Right Way?

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Including me, many people are eagerly looking to get a reply after sending their email. When writing an email, the writers end their email by saying, “I am looking forward to hearing from you.” It is because they need to get a response after sending their email message. So how do you politely ask for a response?

When I was writing emails to my clients, I always thought about how someone could politely ask for a response from the clients after sending an email. In the meantime, I could understand that the best result is to get a positive response rather than getting some reply. “I am Looking forward to hearing from you” is an excellent phrase that you can use to ask a response from the recipient. Also, you can use alternatives like “I look forward to hearing from you,” or “I’m looking forward to hearing from you” to write an email. 

But the content and the ambition of your letter is important when you are writing these kinds of phrases. And, there are many facts you need to consider when asking politely for a response after emailing. Let’s look into what that means and what you need to know about it.

What Does “I Am Looking Forward To Hearing From You” Means?

When people want to get a response to their emails, they write “Looking forward to hearing from you” at the end of the letter. What does it mean?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, looking forward to something means the sender will be pleased or excited about something that is going to happen in the future. 

When you write, Looking forward to hearing from you in your letter, it means that you are eagerly expecting a response from the recipient. 

On the other hand, you are telling the recipient that you are excited about the recipient’s reply.

Is “I Am Looking Forward To hearing From You” formally?

Yes, of course, it is formal. It is more familiar and friendly for most people. So, using this in writing an email message, you can let the recipient know that you are expecting a response from him, and it is a very formal way to tell it.

But between “I look forward” and “I am looking forward,” there is a formality difference.  

I Look Forward, Or I Am Looking Forward: What Is The Correct Way?

Both are correct ways that you can use as a typical email sign-off. But with the formal-informal debate, “I look forward” is more formal than writing, “I am looking forward.” Because when you are writing “I look forward” in your letter, it means that you are telling a clearer about how the recipient has to respond to your message.

However, it still applies to use “I am looking forward” in your email message. But using “I am looking forward” is much friendlier, and informal way to ask for a reply from the recipient.

Hear From You Or Hearing From You: Which One Is Grammatically Correct?

The correct phrase is, “I am looking forward to hearing from you,” But why? 

People are asking this question because they mix the infinitive verbs with this form. Because most of the time, they see infinitive verbs with antecedent “to.” Examples are “I want to call you,” “I need to go there,” and “I need to give you.”

But here, the “to” in the phrase “looking forward to” acts as a preposition because it follows an object. It is the same as people would say, “I’m traveling to Ohio,” “I am walking to the bus stop,” “I am going to the grocery.” The object could be either a noun, a pronoun, or gerund (Verb+ing form which functions as a noun),

We know “to” as a preposition because you could follow an object with “I am looking forward to”. So. the “to” act as a preposition. When a verb follows the preposition in a phrase, it functions as a gerund. Thus, the gerund of the verb “hear” is the “hearing” (hear+ing)

To make it clearer, you can replace the “hearing,” with some other gerunds. The examples are “Looking forward to meeting you,” “Looking forward to seeing you,” and “Looking forward to choosing you.”

The conclusion is the “to” act as a preposition in the phrase. The word after the “to” should be gerund in this form of writing. So, the correct way is, “I am looking forward to hearing from you.”

What Are The Synonyms For “Looking Forward To Hearing From You”?


Everyone uses this phrase plenty. Therefore, your request may be ignored by the recipient. 

And, when you say this you could hardly move forward without a response from the other person, and you have to wait until it happens, 

So, here are some synonyms for “Looking forward to hearing from you” that you can use in writing business emails.

  • I’m eager to receive your feedback.
  • I appreciate your quick response.
  • Always happy to hear from you.
  • Keep me informed. 
  • I await your immediate response.
  • Let me know if anything changes.
  • Write soon!

How Do You Politely Ask For A Response Smartly?

All the above phrases are used to prompt an action from the other person. This will automatically cause to lose your active role in the email conversation. Even your recipient may don’t have any idea what to reply, and you have to wait until he/she makes the reply, 

So, this is not a good idea in business communication because time and the results matter so much in running a business. The professionals need to adjust themselves to become target oriented. In this case, the goal is to get a positive or required response from the recipient.

Rather than saying, “I am looking forward to hearing from you” or any other synonym, you can create a call to action when sending the email.

Here are some examples:

  • I plan to hand over our project proposal to the management board by Tuesday. Would you please send me your suggestions by Monday?
  • Let’s meet at Tucker’s for lunch. Does 12:30 p.m. on Thursday suit you?
  • Would you like me to send you our presentation when it’s finalized?
  • Could you guide me find the answer here?

Let’s Wrap All Together.

“I am looking forward to hearing from you” is the correct way to ask politely for a response from a recipient. But there are many other ways which you can use to increase the results of your email. Apply those according to the situation and see the change in the response rate for your email.

Excellent email communication can offer you better results. So, try to apply those always as a habit.

Let’s move to learn How to write thank you email after an interview.

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