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Hi! I’m Sandun, the Guru behind the blog here at Email Etiquette Guru. If you doubt if this blog is for you and what it’s all about, then please browse on! I will do my best to prove why we are the ideal fit for your email writing journey.

To keep your business email writing, email etiquette or any combination of the two professional writing and productive is no easy feat.

There are so many online learning webs that are flooding the internet, making your decision tough. Let alone most information advised by ‘online learning sources’ has not relevant in helping you to learn email etiquette.

So, if you are taking your first steps in improving email writing skills or if you are already a seasoned email writer, I bet you could use this diffuse blog knowledge on email etiquette and other relevant areas!

Our new, youthful blog, created by a veteran in email writing and online marketing, revolves around EVERYTHING a professional person deserves to radiate confidence and personality.

A Handy Notebook In Your Professional Email Writing!

Obtain helpful knowledge on a variation of tips made for your professional email writing need, the hottest trends in emailing, email marketing, email Etiquette, career planning and more as researched by myself or our well-experienced brothers and sisters.

Humorous, light-hearted yet educational: our blog articles will make your journey into the atmosphere of professional email writing more comfortable, faster, and most delightful!

I launched Email Etiquette Guru with the purposes to unite professional email writers and to build a growing community. It could be a place to share knowledge and experiences we have each undergone while writing emails at the workplace.

Additionally, I want to end the misleading thoughts surrounding email etiquette in the workplace and society all-together!

I started blogging life after working several years in the Food Marketing Industry as a Marketing Agent.

I could able to earn the experience from working in many online marketing platforms such as Alibaba, Ali-express, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as a marketing agent in food industry. Also, I did email marketing to perform my profession, and I got able to get a lot of engagements from it.

So, I am keen to share my knowledge and experience with you from this blog. 

While sharing my knowledge, I initiate research on every topic and share with you the most updated knowledge. The experience which I gain from my workplace helps me to provide you more practical knowledge than theoretical knowledge. 

I believe you will enjoy and learn the stuff in my posts, and those will support you to become a success in your profession.

I do not consider myself an expert in email writing. However, I will do my best to provide you with valuable information from my personal experience and research over the last several years of email marketing.

I have experimented and undergone research for many email writing courses, online sources and books to feel certain in bringing you the best of the best! I only bring facts to deliver honest conclusions for my valued readers.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide you with the sources and information necessary, so you can feel confident about email writing and maintaining email etiquette at the workplace!

We make sure you get access to the most current trends by updating our blog content frequently and presenting various articles, facts, tips and little secrets included in a clear, comprehensive, most amusing way.

And of course, I welcome your observations, feedback, and ideas about anything that would make a career adventure extraordinary! I look progressive to learning from all of you as much as you can learn from me! Feel free to leave me a note HERE!

I Want To Thank You For Choosing Email Etiquette Guru!

– Sandun

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