Thank You Email After an Interview

Thank You Email After an Interview: Ultimate Guide with Examples

Thank you email after an interview is a prominent activity in the modern-day interview process.  Most people do the right things with the interview process, but they don’t pay attention to the after-process of the interview.

The period after the job interview is vital for some reasons, including your bond with the team that interviews you. However, it is useful if you build a good relationship with the team that interviewed you. Writing thank you email after the interview can offer you the chance to make a bond professionally without affecting your performance in the interview.

Here you will find a guide for how to write a thank you email after an interview that will be suitable for every interviewer and some example letters which you could use for your requirement.

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Why you need to send a thank you email after an Interview

The successful completion of activities in the processing of your employment recruiting depends on many people. Providing thanks for their effort is a valuable habit of you, and it can reflect your gratitude for their guidance and help in the interview process.

Also, your thank you email is a thinly veiled reminder and email etiquette to remind them not to forget you. Your thank you email can prompt some response, and it can be a denial or a follow-up interview or a job offer.

And it gives them confidence in your ability to follow up with the works. This habit is now becoming a piece of email etiquette that every job seeker should develop for them.

You can understand the reason for the importance of writing a thank you email after an interview. But make sure to operate with the right timing.

What Is The Best Time to Send a Thank You Email After An Interview

How soon after you should send the thank you email after an interview is essential in this process. It shouldn’t be either too early or too late.

Relax, you don’t have to start typing your email message right after you leave the interview room. You can give it more time than that.

The evening of the interview day or the day after the interview day is the perfect time for sending a thank you email after an interview. But it is yet fine even if you took one week to write the email message. But it is much advisable that send your letter in an early time which has fresh in the mind of interviewers.

But, if you know that they will inform you about the results of your interview after the exact number of dates, remember to write your thank you email to them before finishing that period.

Do’s and Don’t When Writing A Thank you Email After An Interview


  • Make it personal for the reader. Anyone doesn’t like to be called, “Dear Hiring Manager” or “To Whom It May Concern” in an email, especially after you have already met together in person. Address your interviewers by name.
  • Include your name and the position you applied for at the beginning of your thank you email after an interview, because it can help your busy recruiter to recall you.
  • You Can add something specific you discussed with the interviewer during the interview to personalize your thank you email more. It can help them find who you are, among many other candidates.
  • Do express your feelings about the job and the reason for you think they should have recruited you for the job.
  • Mention If you make any mistake in the interview, or ask any relevant question which you missed to ask the conversation.
  • Try to send separate thank you email to each interviewer you met. You can ask the recruiter for their contact information if you don’t have the contact details with you.
  • Keep your email message short in length because most of those people have a busy schedule. One or two paragraphs is more than enough for your thank you email after an interview.
  • Remember to ask the next step of this recruiting process if you didn’t ask in the interview.
  • Check your grammar, spelling, and tone in your email.
  • Proofread your email before sending it to ensure that you have created a thank you email message with no errors.


  • Don’t over mention your interests in the job.
  • Don’t express that you are desperate for the job.
  • Don’t put a step to ask for any specific salary range or job title that you wish to have for you.
  • If you don’t feel fit in the job role after you went for the interview, Don’t make any thank you reply, and respect to their time. Wait for the recruiter’s response to proceed further.
  • Don’t miss any interviewers whom you met in the interview process. Even it was a short meeting, but you have to write to each one of them.
  • Don’t craft your thank you email after an interview by putting frill information inside it.

Examples of Thank You Emails That You Can Use After an Interview

Putting up a copied letter from the internet is the easiest way to this. There are so many templates and email samples available on the internet that you can use for thanking after an interview. But, your thank you email after an interview should come from you. Because gratitude for interviewers should come naturally from you.

You can use the ideas mentioned above to craft a professional email for you. But, If you need more help in writing, I will put some examples of thank you email after an interview that you can use for your requirement.

But keep in mind that every situation has its’ own shape and you have to act according to that.

Basic Email Template

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

[Opening sentence thanking interviewers.] [Personalized information on how you liked meeting them, the recruiting manager, and/or the team.] [A sentence that adds worth to the conversations you have had and reveals your passion for the company and your position.]

[Sentence about the things you gain from the interview and how you are feeling about the job after the discussion]

[ Sentence about how excited you are to hear from them, which also sets you up to email a follow-up letter later.]

[Closing sentence that thanks them again, and offers to provide further information.]


[Your Name]

Example Email

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

Thank you so much for your time spend to interview me for the [Job Title] role [Earlier Today/Yesterday]. I contented our conversation, and I learned [things about the company/specific stuff from the discussion].

After today’s interview, I get even more confident that my [skills or talents or past experience] could make an excellent choice for this job offer. I am very excited about the anticipation of working for your esteemed company and the team and share my knowledge and experience with your company’s beingness.

I am eagerly looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you again for your valuable time and consideration.

Best Regards,

Your Name.

Is It Necessary to Send a Thank you email after a second Interview

The simple answer is no necessary. But thank-yous are rare in most of the time. You can use below, Thank you letter even after your second interview.

Dear [Interviewer’s Name],

It was my pleasure to come and meet you for the second time. Thank you for this second opportunity! Now I’m even more confident that I’m going to be able to help deliver excellent results working as [the job title]. What’s most exciting for me is [a detail you have discussed that makes you most enthusiastic about joining the team].

Concerning the project we discussed, I began to think about what is necessary for us to grow the company. After today’s interview, I started to think about what is required for us to make your project successful. I am very excited about the anticipation of working for your esteemed company and the team and share my knowledge and experience with your company’s beingness.

I look forward to hearing from you on [the established date], as discussed.

Thank you again for your valuable time and consideration


[Your sign-off]

Useful Tips to Make Your Thank You Email After An Interview More Professional

Example Subject Text For Your Email

  • Thank you!
  • Thank you, [Interviewer’s Nme]
  • Thank you for your time and guidance
  • Thanks for the Interview
  • Many thanks

Professional Closing Sentences

  • Thank you again for your valuable time and consideration
  • Thank you again for your valuable time. It was wonderful to meet you!
  • Thank you again for your valuable time, and let me know if there are any further details that I can give to help with your decision.
  • Let me know if I can give you any more information. I would be willing to follow up on any of the concerns we discussed [today/yesterday/date].

Sign-Offs For Your Email

  • Best Regards,
  • Thank you,
  • Thanks, and best regards,

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Final Thoughts

Don’t stop your effort until you get your results from the interview. It better if you can put some effort than you sit back after an interview expecting results from doing nothing.

Try to make your thank you email after an interview in your way. Do it at the right time in the right direction. Don’t wait until success comes to your door. I wish you good luck with your interview results and to start a good career life with a good salary.

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