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Business Email Writing: How To Write Effective Business Email?

Perfect communication is vital when you are doing a business or a job. The nature of communication can influence the cooperation among the people. Also, the communication reflects your personality and professionalism. So, every professional needs to have better business email writing skills with them. Let’s talk about how we can improve business email writing skills effectively.

Email is still a significant communication method that people use to interact with each other. Though writing an informal email is far different than business email writing. Writing an email in your workplace or business can offer you results while personal email writing has no significant influence on your personality or profession.

So, most of us used to learn about formal email writing in schools and colleges. But somethings we cannot learn in communication until we experience them. Here are some general facts that you need to care about when you write a business email that can help you to improve your email writing.

Understand the Structure of the Email

If you don’t know the basic structure of a formal email, you will be straying with many learning about emailing. Because to apply the learnings about in email writing you should have an idea about structure in business email writing at first. Then you can apply your learnings one by one to create the right email for your recipient in a professional way.

The structure of a business email is not a complicated thing to understand. Below you can the basic email structure you can use for your business email writing.

  • Subject Line
  • Greeting
  • Introduction
  • The Body
  • Ending
  • Signature

Subject Line

The subject of the email is a line of texts which the recipient sees at first when he/she receives your email message to the mailbox.

The subject line can affect you in two ways.

If you contact the recipient for the first time and you don’t know the person very well, you should be very careful about your subject because the wrong subject line can lead your email message unread forever.

Or, you are writing your email to a person who you contacted previously and knows, your good subject line can lead your email opened.

The proper subject line should be precise and creative. It should give the core idea about the concern of your email.

But make sure to keep it short length as much as you can. Because nowadays people are likely to check emails by mobile. If your subject is too long, some part of your subject line will be not showing on the mobile screen.


Greetings in your business email writing should be professional. Because you cannot greet someone formally as you greet in personal email writing. In the professional email writing, you cannot use “hi”, “hello”, “hey”, or “what’s up” kind of greetings.

  • Use “Dear” prefix with the name with an abbreviation. And it should end with colon or comma.
  • If you are going to contact a person for the first time, then you can write “Dear Mr. John:”
  • If you don’t know the recipient, then you can write “Dear Sir/Madam:” / “To Whom It May Concern:”
  • If you know the person, then you can write “Dear Mr. John,”
  • The person is more familiar with you. Then you can write “Dear John,”                 

Your greeting should be pleasant and professional for the reader.

In some cases, you will need to ask “How are you?” from your recipient. But it is not a good idea to ask that in business email writing. Instead of asking that you can say “I hope you are doing well”.


At first, keep in your mind that this should stay a maximum of two lines most of the time. Because the shorter but well-detailed emails can easily read and give a priority for the central fact.

The recipient may like to know about you if he/she receives your message for the first time. You can write a shorter introduction about your name, designation and the company.

Example – I am John, and I am the marketing manager of the “ABC Company”.

If the recipient knows your details, then it is not necessary to write about your circumstances as an introduction. Instead of your details, you can introduce the primary concern of your email by one or two sentences.

The Body

The body is the core of your business email. It should be not a story or a long-detailed letter. Most professionals are with a busy schedule. So, your mail must be in readable length for the reader.

And, shorter but well-detailed email more attractive to read than longer email with unnecessary details.

Don’t forget to mention about attachments if you put any attachment with the mail.      


Like you start with the greetings, professionally close your email in business email writing. Sometimes you may require a response from the reader. So, it is essential that your ending is an enticement for the reader to get a respond or answer from the reader.

If you are looking for a response, you can write as follow;

  • “I am looking forward to hearing from you.”
  • “Look forward to hearing from you.”
  • “I am waiting for your reply.”
  • “Awaiting for your reply.”

At finally, don’t forget to thank and give your regards to the email recipient in business email writing.


Business email writing is engaging with your professional life. Your signature in the mail can reflect your persona, management and email etiquette to your reader. So, this can impact your results in professional communication. So, try to create your signature in your way but in a professional way.

Read More about Email Etiquette

The email signature of formal email can contain your name, designation, company detail and your contact details with a mobile number. But make sure to keep it maximally six lines.

You can use images as well in your signature. But make sure not to overuse it.

Check Your Tone

When writing an email, please make sure to check your tone always. Because sometimes the reader may misunderstand things in the mail. Because when he/she reads the email, they don’t see your emotions of the face.

In the business email writing, reread your mail and ask yourself that can this give the wrong idea to the reader?

Proofread your email

Proofreading is essential in business email writing. Because any mistake in your email can give bad consequent to your profession. And the emails with errors will not help your persona as well.

So, check your email top to bottom. Your email may have unwanted information or wrong information or some grammar mistakes. Proofreading can save you from these kinds of embracing mistakes in business email writing.

You can use Grammarly or ProWritingAid softwares to evaluate the grammar mistakes in your email.

Timely Reply To Your Emails

Sometimes you may need time to prepare an answer for the email, or you may have a busy schedule with you. For these kinds of situations, you can write an email message informing your recipient about this. Because including you, no one like to wait too much time hearing nothing from the recipient.


Business email writing is a not hard thing if you follow basic guidelines in email writing. When you apply these in your formal email writing, it can result in you better and improve your confidence in business communication.

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